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​Our partnership was formed on the deep, collective experience of our team. As foundational investors, advisors, and operators in the innovation economy, we are more than a source of venture capital. We are tuned to harvest our network’s collective intelligence as we source, qualify, and diligence the opportunities that emerge from systemic disruption, rapid innovation, and accelerating change.
We operate with strategic intent and pragmatic engagement, leveraging our deep experience as our core asset to identify and grow enduring companies. Our success requires smart risk taking, as well as judgement and discernment skills, grounded in continuous learning from growing businesses over several generations of technology innovation and business reinvention.

Hank Vigil

Founder & Managing Partner

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Hank is the Founder and managing Partner of Acequia Capital. He lives in Seattle WA with his wife Kathryn. Speculations around Hammer and Flow - the two cats - as the brains of the operation is an unfortunate internet rumor.


Marc Jalabert

European Partner

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Marc is our European Partner and has passion for product management and business development. Marc is mostly based in Paris except when wingfoiling in the South of France.


Leif Danielsen

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Leif focuses on early stage investment strategy and company building. He lives in Seattle, WA and prior to COVID he could be found either in the mountains or huddling at the closest wifi router in Berlin Tegel Airport.


Charlie Songhurst

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Charlie is a European partner and co-investor with AceCap. He is a brilliant strategist and an accomplished executive. When not working with early stage teams, he can be found debating Nietxsche's perspectivism with Hank.


Rauten Hofmeyr

Operating Partner

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Rauten focuses on keeping our business and deals running smoothly. He lives in Cape Town with his wife and three kids who patiently endure his tendency to become excessively preoccupied with the latest project – CrossFit, koi fish, barefoot shoes…


Chris Strand

Chief Financial Officer

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Chris focuses on all things finance.  He lives in Bellevue, WA where he enjoys boating and hanging out with his grandchildren.


Cyrus Jones

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Cyrus focuses on partnering and assisting our earliest stage founders in building their businesses. Cyrus recently welcomed a baby girl into his family. If you're lucky, you'll meet her on zoom.


Todd Hooper

Venture Partner

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Todd is a repeat entrepreneur, having founded and advised multiple startups in the Pacific Northwest in gaming, consumer and enterprise. If the weather is good, he's enjoying the outdoors, and when it's not, he's deep in an online game.


David Byrd

Venture Partner

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David focuses on enterprise technology and semiconductor companies. He lives in Vancouver, BC and doesn't like long walks on the beach.

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